Music News | Preparatory School

Music News | Preparatory School

Instrument Return

Year 2 students only who have been studying in the Compulsory Strings Program and are not undertaking Private Tuition are asked to please return their instruments to their teacher’s usual Teaching Studio by Friday 26th November.

Year 4 students involved in the Compulsory Band Program are asked to bring their instruments back to school and have their names checked off with Mrs Campbell by Friday Wednesday 1st December so these instruments can be sent for service and maintenance over the holidays ready for 2022.

Instrumental Tuition

Instrumental Tuition is still able to be held the week after school has concluded.  Please discuss with your son’s Instrumental Music Teacher concerning when you would like the lessons to cease for 2021.

Concerto Competition

Judging of the Heats of the 2021 Concerto Competition have been completed and the following boys were successful in moving forward to the Finals:

Infants Section

Lewis W. (Preparatory School)

Lucas L. (Junior School)

Ryan F. (Junior School)

Junior Section

Cayden T. (Preparatory School)

Jaemin W. (Preparatory School)

Clancy L. (Junior School)

Benjamin L. (Junior School)

The Finals will be judged by Fiona Ziegler, Co-Principal of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. This will take place as an online submission which will occur in early Week 9, with the results to be announced in the Head Master’s Bulletin on Friday 3rd December.  Thanks to Ms Louise Welsh who is assisting the Preparatory School boys with their video submissions.  Best wishes to all the finalists.

Geraldine Campbell | Director of Preparatory School Music

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