Year 5 boys take over Trinity’s marketing and enrolments

Year 5 boys take over Trinity’s marketing and enrolments

As part of a unit studying advertising, Year 5 boys explored how persuasive techniques are used to sell products and services, as well as understanding how advertisements target an audience. 

One of the tasks included creating an advertisement to promote the School. 

They invited Trinity’s Director of Marketing and Communications to review the results. She was so impressed, she’s used some to show prospective parents in a short marketing video.

“Why not? I love the lengths they’ve gone to – especially during lockdown – to share with the audience why they think Trinity is a great place to send a boy to school. As a marketer, I can write a script and ask students to read it, I can arrange for professional photographs; but what better way to show prospective parents why boys love the school, than ask them how they’d advertise it? It’s real, it’s authentic and they even included great calls to action that recognised time pressure and scarcity as advertising motivators. I’ll be out of a job!”

Watch the video:

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