Tane Edmed, class of 2018: Men do cry

Tane Edmed, class of 2018: Men do cry

One of the emerging Super Rugby star’s earliest Trinity memories is sitting at his final scholarship interview as an 11-year-old, seeing his father’s eyes well up with pride at the prospect of his son getting a Trinity education. His father is former Balmain Tigers rugby league warrior Steve Edmed, a tough, 150-game prop who later played for North Queensland Cowboys in the Super League era and is now doubly proud that another of his four sons, Kian, has become a Trinity boy, too.

A misty-eyed dad was a new sight for Tane but an education at Summer Hill has taught him that real men do cry, and that the most important thing is to go out into the world as “a good person”. The class of 2018 fly-half has followed his father into the world of elite football, albeit in a different code. He credits life skills learned at school with helping him on the path to sporting success, saying: “I wouldn’t be here now without Trinity. Opportunity is the one word that sums it up – academically, sports-wise and personality-wise. I wouldn’t have got the exposure to rugby, or the coaching.

“I loved it at Trinity. I have so much appreciation for what everyone did for me. There was a sense of discipline. It was strict enough to create an atmosphere where you get the most out of yourself, but not so strict that you didn’t enjoy it.

“The main thing is to come out a good person, someone who respects everyone, someone people want to be around. People say you shouldn’t care what others think of you but I think that’s only partly true. When you leave school you want people to think, ‘He’s a good human being’”

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