Dr Peter Tyree, AM, Class of 1967: Putting principles into practise

Dr Peter Tyree, AM, Class of 1967: Putting principles into practise

Dr Tyree, who started his Trinity days in 1954 at Junior House in Strathfield, went on to graduate from UTS and Harvard Business School. He followed his father into electrical engineering and went on to serve as CEO and Chairman of the Tyree Group over two decades.

He has also served on the boards of several unlisted Australian companies and the UNSW Engineering Faculty Advisory Council, and as chair of the Tyree Foundation for the advancement of communities through education and employment. He was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 2019 for significant services to engineering and education.

He says that never stopping learning and never forgetting the Trinity standards of honesty and respect are among the key principles that enabled him in his growth and achievements.

Asked what was behind his accomplishments, he said: “Practising the standards taught and ‘given’ to me by Trinity and my parents. These standards embraced honesty, having respect for others and at the same time earning their respect.”

His fondest memories of Trinity revolve around cadets.“The school cadet corps had a strong military focus; during the time Australia was at war in Vietnam,” he recalled. “Trinity’s cadet corps was one of the largest in the state, being compulsory from year 8 unless you were granted an exemption. Cadets were a great source of fun, discipline, learning leadership and navigational skills along with shooting, pomp and ceremony.”

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