Frog Pond Design Competition | Winners announced

Frog Pond Design Competition | Winners announced

Kermit was overjoyed to receive 76 entries for the Green Patch Day’s Frog Pond Competition. Together we have delighted diving into the details of each design and have gathered a whole range of ideas to include in the final design.

Not only will the pond provide a lovely habitat for our local amphibians but also an observation space as part of Green Patch lessons.

There were so many worthy entries that Kermit has created a few different categories in which to award his prizes…inspired by his mate Freddo Frog.

The winners are:

Most Exciting Designs: 

George (Year 6) and Kian (Year 3) 

Best Detailed Video Design Presentations:  

Krishna (Year 1) and Timothy (Year 6)

Fabulous Graphic Techniques: 

Andrew (Kindergarten), Paddy (Year 3) and Terence (Year 4)

Best Models: 

Tommy and Leo (Year 2) 

Interesting Ideas: 

Luca (Year 5) with his night light to attract insects 

Max (Year 2) for his window cut into the wall below to see into the pond

Mateo (Year 5) for his Frog Spa

Congratulations boys …..your prizes should arrive in the post soon.

Well done everyone and many thanks for all your effort,

Kermit and Mrs Bargwanna

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