Year 3 Excursion

Year 3 Excursion

Year 3 has been inquiring into Where We Are in Place and Time and our central idea is ‘exploration can have an impact on cultures’. We have been focussing on the exploration of Australia by the British and the first contact between Aboriginal People of Australia. 

On Tuesday 31st August Year 3 went on a Virtual Excursion with Sydney Living Museums to find out more about the Aboriginal People of Sydney and the British First Fleet. It was a wonderful learning opportunity and chance to step away from our remote learning routine and experience an excursion, virtually. 

With the help of Mrs Nel and our amazing historian and educator from Sydney Living Museums, our boys analysed artefacts and artworks of the time and reflected on the perspectives of the Aboriginal People and the challenges they faced upon the arrival of the British. 

Here are some highlights from members of 3C:

I am really impressed that we got to learn about the Aboriginals and how they were taken over by the British. I am so glad I got to learn about them because I don’t normally learn about those things, and I learnt a lot. It was a really fun experience. 


I enjoyed the excursion because we hadn’t been on an excursion for a long time and it was fun to learn about the Aboriginal culture.


We are excited to continue exploring more about the perspectives, challenges and impact exploration has had on the culture of Australia and its First People. 

Mrs Devitt, Mr Gosper and Mr Mako | Year 3 Teachers

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