Eat well, live well, perform well: special event

Eat well, live well, perform well: special event

Trinity’s passionate team of athletic performance and development specialists have lined up a special event for Trinity parents and students keen to understand how nutrition contributes to peak performance.

Jess Spendlove, from the Health and Performance Collective, will present a livestream from 5:30pm – 6:30pm on 13th September called Nutrition for Performance in School and Life.

Jess is an Advanced Sports Dietitian, Accredited Practising Dietitian, and co-host of the podcast, My Millennial Health.

“Jess has more than 30 seasons of professional sports experience across AFL, NRL, AFLW, Netball, Basketball, Rugby Union and Soccer, and has worked with many Olympic athletes and high profile personalities,” said Mr Elliot Taylor, Trinity’s Athlete Performance & Development Specialist. “Her approach to nutrition is refreshing, engaging and easy to understand. Jess will talk to Trinity students and families about the power of food when it comes to maximising energy, productivity and performance on the day to day in both school and overall in life.”

It’s great timing as we head into an extended season of lockdown: “It’s really easy to feel mental fatigue and want to order in takeaway to make life easier,” added Mr Taylor. “Jess can help everyone make better decisions when it comes to nutrition.”

Parents and students will be able to ask questions following the livestream, using the Q&A function. “This online event is perfect for our senior school students to help them get ready for exams, and to help ensure they are at their best, when it matters most,” added Mr Taylor. “But it doesn’t matter your age or stage – if you want to learn how to eat to get more energy, better mental focus, and help your mind and body during remote learning, this is the livestream to join.

“Parents too – we know how tough it can be during lockdown; everyone is learning or working from home so being able to get advice from an expert nutritionist can help everyone.”

The livestream will cover:
Food is fuel
Study from home top health tips
All the elements
How to eat for academic success
Hero Foods

There will also be a live Q&A.

The link to the livestream will be supplied in next week’s Bulletin and via School App notices.

Save the date:

13 September


Via Microsoft Teams livestream

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