Championship Winning Debaters: 10A CAS Team

Championship Winning Debaters: 10A CAS Team

The winter of COVID discontent, to paraphrase William Shakespeare, has affected the entire Trinity Debating community, forcing the 2021 CAS Debating competition into the realms of virtual debating. Naturally, this has meant our debaters have needed to be adept at overcoming the challenges of communicating with team-mates, presenting in front of a computer, coping with communication dropouts and above all else, learning to be adaptable.

These challenges were overcome with deft agility by the entire squad of CAS Debaters. It is within this context that I am proud to announce the remarkable achievement of the 10A CAS Debating team being crowned as the official First-Place winners for their Division within the CAS contest. My congratulations to V. Singleton (10WH), W. Taplin (10WH), A. Jacob (10Fo) and C. Kong (10La) who have worked tirelessly throughout the season to produce a season of high-quality debates.

Congratulations Year 7B CAS Debating Team

Our Junior Division debaters have also established themselves as formidable opponents, winning four out of five debates. Congratulations to A. Viswanathan (7Ta), H. Newman (7WJ), G. Kariatlis (7La), A. Yee (7Ta) and H. Chuchra (7He).

Thank you

Thank you to the Debating Society coaching staff for their invaluable contributions throughout a challenging season, your efforts are truly appreciated.

Mr Chris Taplin | Co-ordinator of Debating

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