Library News | Junior School

Library News | Junior School

This week’s Library News showcases the student’s responses to Book Week activities that occurred last week.

Boys dressing up in favourite book outfits

Waseem KW 
Eliot 5B


Alexander 5C


Response to baby Jackson’s matching book and outfits

Book: Are you my Mother

I have just read this book and loved it. Especially the part when the baby bird thought a digger was his mother, but the digger just made a sound that was something like snort. Then the baby bird said you are a snort. This part was really funny. ????????????????????

Mimo Year 1.

Andrew Daddo Author Virtual visit

Thomas Yr 2


James Yr 2


Gus Gordon Author Visit


Scholastic Book Club News

Scholastic Book Club can now be purchased online at the following link

Nikki Bowden | Teaching and Learning Librarian

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