Forget the action in Tokyo, Junior School athletes commanded all the attention in their families and school houses on Thursday this week.

The Junior-lympics began on a high with the opening ceremony, featuring the parading of house flags, stirring speeches from Junior School Captain William Saunders and Mr Dunn, as well as school officers passing the torch along their screens. A montage of fireworks and music set the scene and raised the emotions, then the starting gun sounded, and the Games were underway.

Over thirty different sports featured including discus, cycling, weightlifting, sprints, table tennis and hockey and each student filmed and uploaded videos of their completed challenges. Parent work meetings were distracted by the blur of house uniforms whizzing past as each child worked to gain points for Founder’s, Latham, Taubman and Young.

It was wonderful to see the boys away from their screens high-jumping, hurdling and running their way to victory. A little creativity and adaptation was required for some of the more unusual events at home such as synchronised swimming, surfing and hammer throw. And there was even an equestrian event which seemed to involve pets ridden by soft toys and willing older siblings!

The boys embraced the Junior-lympics with gusto as evidenced by the final statistics:

  • 2,931 event submissions
  • 15,658 videos watched
  • 114.8 hours of videos uploaded (that’s nearly 5 full days worth!)

And an Olympic cheer for our gold-placed medallists Latham with an amazing 1039 points, followed by silver medals for Founder’s on 951 points and bronze to Young on 891, who were chased hard by Taubman on 749 points.

Well done to Junior School for their wonderful participation, as well as the Junior-lympic Committee for producing an action-packed and spirit-lifting event.

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