Book a breakfast meeting with your son

Book a breakfast meeting with your son

Middle School Fathers received an email this week asking them to arrange a new sort of breakfast meeting. Forget complex agendas and video meetings with work colleagues, we want you to have a breakfast meeting with your son. Over the next couple of weeks, share some time, share breakfast together, then share your group selfie shots with us.

“As the lockdown has interrupted our plans for our traditional Father Son breakfasts across Years 7 to 9, we thought we’d encourage our Dads to enjoy some time with a Father-Son breakfast at home,” said Head of the Middle School, Mr John Allen. You’re invited to upload details of your breakfast recipes, pictures of the meal and of yourselves, using this form. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll share the stories in the Bulletin and our social media channels.

Thanks to Head of the Preparatory School, Mr Chris Wyatt, who sent in this one of breakfast with his son. “It was nice to have eggs with my dad this morning,” wrote Ben.

Or Father Oliver and son Leo T who sent in a mouthwatering selection. “This morning my Dad and I cooked a nice home made breakfast! It involved double eggs in the egg rings on top of some garlic, red onions and herbs, alongside some mushrooms and cherry tomatoes! With a bit of hummus on toast. A breakfast for champions! Haha!” wrote Oliver.

We’re looking forward to seeing more of our Father and Son breakfast meetings! Submit your stories and photos here.

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