Managing anxiety and uncertainty: resources

Managing anxiety and uncertainty: resources

It’s been a stressful time as we deal with coronavirus (COVID-19) in NSW and the uncertainty it brings. What life will look like over the next few months has changed and many are feeling anxious about what this means.

Trinity’s Counselling Services are gathering resources to help manage wellbeing and will include them each week in The Bulletin, as well as making them available to students. We encourage you to share and discuss these resources with all your family members.

Reach Out – a specific ‘Coping during Coronavirus’ collection for young people. Includes short video stories filmed by young people about how they have been coping in lockdown, lessons they’ve learnt, how they’ve developed resilience.

HeadSpace – resources reminders about practicing self-care and ways you can regain a sense of control.

Kids Helpline or 1800 55 1800

The COVID 19 situation presents a unique set of challenges for you as parents and your son. We would like to assure you that the School’s Pastoral and Counselling Teams remain committed to supporting you and your sons through this time.

The School’s ‘E-Care’ system provides a confidential link directly to the School’s Senior Counselling Team. The email address is monitored by all team members and is the quickest way to make contact with the school psychologists. If you have any concerns for your son please do not hesitate to contact the Counselling Team on 9581 6035 or via

Other useful numbers:
Lifeline 13 11 14
Mental Health Line 1800 011 511 (if you need to see
Emergency 000 (if you are in crisis).

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