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Library News | Preparatory School

Holiday Reading

It has been lovely to hear how many people have enjoyed a book over the holidays. Thank you to everyone who has shared their book with us through the many discussions. If you would like to be featured, don’t forget to email a picture to Mrs Nel.

Holiday reading

Time for More – Library

As we continue with Remote Learning, there are activities on both Seesaw for PK-2 and Canvas 3-6 to help students continue to feel part of the library. Seesaw will have story time of Premier’s Reading Challenge Books with Mrs Nel. Students are encouraged to just enjoy the book, but if they would like to add a response, the book will be added to their PRC account for them. Canvas has a book club where we are reading The Wizard of Oz. Students can read the book themselves or listen to Mrs Nel read to them. After they have read the chapters, they are encouraged to take part in the discussion. This has two main advantages, the first is that we are talking about literature and expanding our minds and the second, and probably the most important, it offers a chance for the students to interact with each other. Please join me in both of these spaces to continue enjoying stories.

Book Week Costume Ideas

The theme this year is Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds, so our costumes will be leaning more towards the fantasy realm as we imagine what other worlds our favourite characters live in. We know that lockdown is restricting our movements, but with everyone dressing up in Week 5, now is the perfect time to jump online, order in some materials or props and enjoy your family downtime creating a costume together! Here are a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing…

Book Week

Abigail Neil | Inquiry Learning Integrator

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