Swimming | 2021 Metro South West (MSW) Swimming Winter Championships

Swimming | 2021 Metro South West (MSW) Swimming Winter Championships

SOPAC 19-20/6/2021

Trinity Grammar School was represented by 40 students in the MSW Winter Swimming Championships, held on Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th June 2021 at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, Homebush Sydney.

MSW Swimming Winter Championships was the first meet of the 2021 winter short course season. Many of our Students were hungry to get started on their 2021 winter short course campaign, as last year all short course meets were cancelled due to Covid. The team produced some outstanding results with some breaking SMSW area records.

MSW- Record Breakers

S Tuxford (7WH)                12 Years 100 Freestyle 59:05

S Tuxford (7WH)               12 Years 100 Butterfly 1:03.38

G Doig (8He)                      13 Years 100 Breaststroke 1:09.43

G Doig (8He)                      13 Years 200 Individual Medley 2:15.49

C Dryer (12Sc)                   Opens 400 Freestyle 3:52.51

C Dryer (12Sc)                   Opens 1500 Freestyle 15:40.81

C Dryer (12Sc)                   Opens 200 Butterfly 2:00.57

MSW- Record Breaking Relays

S Tuxford (7WH), J Yoo (P6), A Wu (7We), CJ Nguyen (7Yo)                                      

11-12 Years 4×50 Freestyle Relay 1:55.17

A. Wu, C. Nguyen, S. Tuxford, J. Yoo (11-12 Years Freestyle Relay)

G Doig (8He), J Nam (9St), J Jeung (7He), L Vo (8WH)                                

13-14 Years 4×50 Medley Relay 1:55.10

J Jeung (7He), J Nam (9St), L Vo (8WH), G Doig (8He)                              

13-14 Years 4×50 Freestyle Relay 1:43.28

J. Jeung, J. Nam, L. Vo, G. Doig (13-14 Years Freestyle Relay)

Other Notable performances- S Tuxford (7WH) 1st 12 Years 100 Backstroke 1:07.84, G Doig (8He) 1st 13 Years 100 Backstroke 1:02.17, J Nam (9St) 1st 14 Years 100 Breaststroke 1:09.51, J Wang (10Ar) 1st 15 Years 100 Freestyle 53.98, C Dryer (12Sc) 1st Opens 200 Backstroke 2:04.49, M Robertson (12Du) 1st 17 & Over 50 Freestyle 23.64, 1st Opens 100 Freestyle 52.15, G Wilczak (11Ar) 1st Opens 200 Freestyle 1:51.79.

Congratulations to all the boys competing over the weekend. The team needs to be commended for their hard work, exemplary behaviour and team unity.

Yours in Swimming,

Andrew Aebi

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