House Track and Field Championships

House Track and Field Championships

Taubman House, Winners of the Track and Field House Championships

Recent history of the House Track and Field championships showcases a series of “three-peats”: Latham 2001-3, School 2009-11 and Hilliard 2013-15. Taubman’s turn seemed to arrive in 2019, but we were denied the opportunity for back-to-back wins in 2020 with COVID restrictions on gathering. Happily, fortune favoured us again this year.

Conditions on the day were almost perfect, if just a little cool. Brilliant sunshine with little to no wind set the scene for some impressive performances. The Years 7, 9, 10 and 12 Beach and 9 and 10 Medley relays were notable highlights. More memorable, though, was the rare blend of determination and enjoyment on the face of each Taubman competitor. Sure, we had a job to do, but there was much satisfaction in going about the task we’d set ourselves. I am proud of the way the young men of the House battled and I was happy that we were able to secure the win for our Captain, Lachlan Dock, who was in hospital recovering from a very serious injury.

I am also grateful to the School in giving us the opportunity to compete together at such a great facility. The planning and organisation behind such an event could only be conducted by a dedicated and efficient team of staff. No less commitment was shown by the staff who encouraged, marshalled, measured, started, recorded, retrieved, raked, commentated and instructed throughout the day.

Finally, I want to thank my Year 12 peers who stayed healthy and didn’t succumb to the IB or HSC flu variants that emerge at this time of year. I hope you enjoyed our last House Track and Field carnival as much as I did.

Laud Codjoe, Vice-Captain, Taubman House

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