Four NIDA ambassadors

Four NIDA ambassadors

Four Trinity students have been selected to act as theatre ambassadors at Sydney’s Griffin Theatre Company, with one student also snaring a coveted spot at NIDA.

They are HSC Drama students Hamish Kidd (12St), Jack Fahd (12La) and Year 11 Preliminary Drama student Cooper Hollis (11Sc), along with Thomas Jenkins (11Fo), who is studying IB Theatre. Thomas also auditioned successfully for the elite Young Actors program at NIDA (the National Institute of Dramatic Art).

The ambassador roles will enable them to see shows, meet artists, delve into acting and design work, and take part in industry workshops.

“That’s a pretty spectacular opportunity,” said Kathryn Smith-Sergi, Senior Teacher of English and Drama.

“In order to be selected the boys had to write a passionate application and be auditioned against other applicants state-wide.

“They had to show their creativity, ingenuity, collaboration and knowledge of, and dedication to, the arts. I am sure they will make Trinity proud.

“They will not only get to watch productions free of charge, but interact with industry professionals and bring their experiences back to our classroom.

“I believe this will open their eyes, not only to the world of acting but to things like lighting, design, budget, management and the thousands of jobs for theatre practitioners.

“Actors might be in the spotlight but other people have to make that spotlight appear, operate it and pay for it.”

Griffin is the only theatre company in the country entirely devoted to new Australian plays.

Located in the historic SBW Stables Theatre in Kings Cross, it calls itself a “theatre of first chances” and has provided a start for many celebrated actors, including Cate Blanchett and David Wenham.

“We are passionate about nurturing emerging artists,” the company says.

“We help ambitious, bold, risk-taking and urgent Australian plays get from a page onto a stage. We tell the stories that will help us know who we are as a nation, and who we want to become.”

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