Annual Giving 2018


Annual Giving 2018


Annual Giving Appeal

From the Head Master

Coming to the Trinity Grammar School community this year, I am acutely aware that I have inherited a great legacy from those who have gone before. This legacy has been created not just by my predecessors as Head Master, but all those students, staff, families and friends who, by participating in the community of their day, have contributed to the School as it is known and loved by its current community.

While the School is so much more than its buildings and facilities, those environments provide the context in which we live, learn and laugh together. In talking to graduates of the School, I am struck by the interweaving of people and place in their reminisces. It was here that such and such happened, or He said that to us when he was standing over there. People and place go together as the context in which young men are shaped in mind, body and spirit.

The Annual Giving Appeal is one way that our people are able to make a contribution to the enduring legacy and life of the School. Year upon year, we undertake projects ranging from small refurbishments to major and complex building works. These projects, enhancing the learning opportunities of our students, are made possible through the commitment of our community, past and present. I commend the Annual Giving Appeal to you.

In bringing this opportunity to your attention, I am also conscious that The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it (Psalm 24:1). Our School continues to acknowledge, as it has always done, our humble dependence on the God who is the maker of the heavens and the earth.

Thank you for your continued support of, and commitment to, Trinity Grammar School Tim Bowden | Head Master

The Building Trust

Students are more engaged in their learning when teachers create a positive teacher-student relationship (Keddie, 2006). As our students continue to grow and our teachers push the innovative educational boundaries, we strive to provide the learning environments that foster a positive teacher-student relationship, as this is considered to be one of the most influential factors in educating students today. In addition, we must prepare our boys for the rapidly changing work environments that exist in our present society. Creating innovative learning environments is just one way that we can aid this preparation and also provide the best environments to cultivate the student-teacher relationship, while ensuring the student is always at the centre of our teaching and learning.

Supporting our Building Trust will assist in creating and enhancing innovative learning spaces.

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Trinity Grammar School Scholarship Fund

Trinity has always striven to provide opportunities for students to benefit from a Trinity Education with support from one of our Scholarships. In order for our School to grow the necessary funds to ensure these scholarships continue, we require the support from our community. Every contribution to this fund, whether large or small, helps our School maintain this commitment of providing life – changing opportunities for students so that they may grow in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man.

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Trinity Grammar School Library Fund

It is the mission of Library Services at Trinity Grammar School to design and deliver collections and innovative services that promote and support teaching and learning and provide an enriched student experience.

We strive every day to bring a love of learning, reading and research to all students, staff and visitors who engage with our spaces and library services.

Our day-to-day services include providing a safe and nurturing environment for boys to engage in reading, individual research and group study. We also welcome staff and students to use the Arthur Holt Library for any lesson for which the collection, our spaces, or our team are best suited.

Beyond providing essential curriculum support, the Library Services team is committed to leading a range of initiatives that aim to positively affect the lives of our staff and students.

Our books@breakfast and guest presenter program has featured the likes of Richard Glover, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and Craig Reucassel (just to name a few!). We also have extended hours to meet the ever-changing needs of our School community, and run an after-hours academic mentoring programme, Study+.

Recently, we have also supported the growing Professional Learning needs and offerings at the School, with Library Services staff presenting on a variety of topics and our spaces providing the ideal environment for collegial discussion and collaboration.

The Library Services team greatly appreciates your support.

“Bad libraries build collections, good libraries build services, great libraries build communities”. – R. David Lankes

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Our Annual Giving Appeal provides an opportunity for all members of the Trinity community to invest in the school and all gifts are greatly appreciated. There are a number of ways you may choose to give towards the ongoing development of the School as shown below.


For more information please contact
Mr Stephen Heanly 
E: | P: +61 2 9581 6065


ABN 56 385 644 117

Your donation to this Trust is tax deductible and will be used to further develop our Field Studies Centre by enhancing the outdoor learning opportunities, specific to the area.



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ABN 79 245 605 610

Your donation to this Fund is tax deductible and will be used to fund scholarship opportunities for boys who may otherwise not have the opportunity to attend our School. Trinity is extremely grateful for the continued support of the Scholarship Fund that allows our boys an opportunity to excel.

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The Arthur Holt Library ABN 79 245 605 610

Your donation to this fund is tax deductible and will be used to design and deliver collections and innovative services that promote and support teaching and learning and provide an enriched student experience. Your support of our Library Fund will ensure that we can deliver these services to our boys now and in the future.

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